Kamis, 17 Desember 2015

School Life

Monday is not always scary as 'Monster Day', because on Monday, 26th of October, Me and my social class went to Dufan!
We go to Dufan by bus. The trip takes time half an hour. Of course it is an exciting time.
On the way to Dufan, we looked happy and cannot wait to finally arrived. Some students are playing and the others are sleeping.
When we got there, first plac

At 5.30 a.m. we left the school to go to dufan. On the bus, i sat with my friend, Tiara. She's new at Social Class but we are close enough to each other. On the way to Dufan the bus stopped at the rest area one time. During the trip, we're look so happy. We sang, we told stories and some riddles, and many more.We were having a lot of fun and we hung out with all my friends. It was an amazing time. We're not just playing but we must do a research about people's opinion of Dufan.

As we arrived the weather was hot but we still had spirit to try all of the rides. First, me, Tiara, Ambria, Oi, Intan, Adi, Anin, and Preston rode Hysteria. It was so scary and thrilling. The next one, we rode Kora-kora. I love kora-kora because it feels like we're on a boat on a stormy seas. After playing kora-kora, we chose to try ontang-anting. Ontang-anting is like a giant swings that's always spinnig. Because it is always spinning, we feel dizzy. It was scary because it feels like we're flying. After that we tried a ride that always exist in every theme park in the world, roller coaster. The roller coaster in Dufan named halilintar. We felt a little bit nauseous because it  spins 360 degrees. Then, we went to my favourite ride,  pontang-panting. I think it's extremely fun but, my friend didn't like it because after playing pointing-panting she felt dizzy and nauseous. After playing pontang-panting, we rode some other rides. And the last one is Ice Age. It is new at Dufan and it's also fun. So it's like riding a boat in north pole  and it's cold but when we got to the Mesozoikum area, it got warmer. The most exciting part is when the boat went down the stream really fast and we got wet.

Then after this happy day, we had to go home. We gathered in front of the carousele and the teachers checked the student's presence. After it is complete, we got on the bus and went home to Bandung. It was an exciting and also tiring day.
I was waiting my father pick up me at SMAN3 Bandung
I think is enough.

GAMARVANI (festival budaya)

On 19 Seotember 2015 of SMAN 3 Bandung had a cultural festival called GAMARVANI.
The will take place in Bali SMAN 3&5 Bandung
Are enlivened by:
  • HIVI
  • Adera
  • Wayang Golek Giriharja
  • Manggala Awi
  • Pencak silat Gadjah Putih Mega Paksi Pusaka
  • Sasadana
  • ArumbAcoustic
  • Sobat budaya
  • Parahyena
  • Ruang Music Directur
  • Rumah musik Harry Roesli
  • Lingkung Seni Budaya 3
  • Keluarga Panduan Angklung 3
  • Kelompok Vokal 3
  • Musik Klasik 3
  • Tilos"s Theatre
and there many more

 I  and the rest of the committee Gmarvani it comes to the Bali at 5 am in the morning because   it must be prepared for anything less, but this party started at approximately 9 a.m and close 5.
at the time show the audience can buy food that is provided there, but can't bring food from outside becouse it will be take by committee.
and the outher items like parfume, combs, makeup, cigarettes will also were seized by the committee becaouse that's the rules on to tell everyone but sill a lot of those who late so many goods are conficated abd not returned.

at 4 o'clock the Bali has been full of people who watch GAMARVANI , becouse approximately 7 p.m guest starts Adera have started to appear.
and Adera to sing about 10 songs over in check by HIVI at around 9 p.m  and HIVI also sing 8 songs which is in populer by HIVI

where to visit in Bandung

If you were in bandung and want to enjoy the scenery is beautiful? let's visit Tangkuban Perahu being in Lembang west java. and usually in lembang the weather is cold and coll.
nd there is also the environment was quiet,but hot many settlements and many plants around the street.

It's you and your family can see the beauty of one of the mountains is popuer in Indonesia who are in Bandung.
There's also you and your family can enjoy the food is rere in other places which is corn fuel and any food sold there but usually family  visting Tangkuban Perahu like taking food from this house each other, so there can eat together and see the Tangkuban Perahu that.
And there can also do photoshoot and the because of scenes Tangkuban Perahu is very beautiful and interesting to do photoshoot.
Tangkuban the boat is usually one of the popular tourist site, and often in visit in by tourist overseas as well as in the country.

Usually the visting Tangkuban Perahu are the families who wish to take a vacation and spend vacation time there, and also Tangkuban Perahu usually full on saturday and sunday or day scholl holidays or work, but there should be wearing a jacket and mask because the weather is cold and Tangkuban Perahu yhe smell of sufur.
The temperature of the flat rate daily it is 17 derajat celcius at noon and 2 derajat celcius at night.

Kamis, 26 November 2015

My New Friend

Hello everyone, i'm gonna tell you about my new friend in SMAN 3 Bandung.

My Friend's name is Ambria Rahma. She came from Taruna Bakti Junior High School. She's tall and pretty. She's smart too. She is wearing a glasses just like me. We are so close to each other. We often joking and do fun things together. Sometimes she helps me to do the school tasks, so do i.

She loves eating lidi. Lidi is a kind of snack that is spicy and unhealthy of course but i don't know why she keeps eating that. In the middle of the lesson, usually she falls asleep, just like me. You know we have a lot in common but not too much. Everytime the teacher asks us to make a group in class, me and her always together in the same group and we work together.

So, i think that's all about my new friend.

Selasa, 25 Agustus 2015

Ambria Rahma Widiastuti
Ismi Nurul Izza Rahmawati
Faza Fariha Zhafira

(At cthe clasroom )
Ismi: hey Faza, how are you doing?
Faza: hallo Ismi, i'm very well,how about you?
Ismi: Pretty good, Hey Faza, i've heard that you've won the English
Faza: thank you ismi,you too!

(Ambria enters the clasroom)
Faza     : hey Ambria, did you had finish your math test?
Ambria : Yes, i had
Faza     : How was the result?
Ambria : Gladly i got 100!
Faza     : That's excellent you must be love math!
Ambria : (lough) yes i do love math (bell rings)
Faza     : Okay, bye ismi&ambria i must get back to my class
Ismi&Ambria : Okay, bye Faza 
Hallo! my name is Ismi Nurul Izza Rahmawati, My nickname is ismi. I was born 03 august 2000. I'm 15 years old, My school is in 3 Senior High School Bandung, back before i student in 9 Junior High Scholl, My hobbies listening music.

About my sublings i have i big brother and i big sister, My big brother name is David Nuralamsyah Purnama Sidiq, my big brother was born 19 december 1989. My big brother 26 years old and My big sister Sarah Rahmawati, my big sister was born 02 march 1993,my big sister 22 years old.

I chose the class of IPS because i want to continue to the University of Indonesia or STAN. i chose the faculty of tax,although in the class oh IPS students a usually a graduate of  IPS.

In my Senior High School. I jointed that JEPRET, she jepret the corricular about photographing, the reason i want to go see jepret because i like taking pictures and want to know the ways to take a right and i join MK(Mucis Classic) the reason i'm the curricular of the constutional court because i loved to sing even though the sound i ain't good and i want to study music.