Selasa, 25 Agustus 2015

Ambria Rahma Widiastuti
Ismi Nurul Izza Rahmawati
Faza Fariha Zhafira

(At cthe clasroom )
Ismi: hey Faza, how are you doing?
Faza: hallo Ismi, i'm very well,how about you?
Ismi: Pretty good, Hey Faza, i've heard that you've won the English
Faza: thank you ismi,you too!

(Ambria enters the clasroom)
Faza     : hey Ambria, did you had finish your math test?
Ambria : Yes, i had
Faza     : How was the result?
Ambria : Gladly i got 100!
Faza     : That's excellent you must be love math!
Ambria : (lough) yes i do love math (bell rings)
Faza     : Okay, bye ismi&ambria i must get back to my class
Ismi&Ambria : Okay, bye Faza 
Hallo! my name is Ismi Nurul Izza Rahmawati, My nickname is ismi. I was born 03 august 2000. I'm 15 years old, My school is in 3 Senior High School Bandung, back before i student in 9 Junior High Scholl, My hobbies listening music.

About my sublings i have i big brother and i big sister, My big brother name is David Nuralamsyah Purnama Sidiq, my big brother was born 19 december 1989. My big brother 26 years old and My big sister Sarah Rahmawati, my big sister was born 02 march 1993,my big sister 22 years old.

I chose the class of IPS because i want to continue to the University of Indonesia or STAN. i chose the faculty of tax,although in the class oh IPS students a usually a graduate of  IPS.

In my Senior High School. I jointed that JEPRET, she jepret the corricular about photographing, the reason i want to go see jepret because i like taking pictures and want to know the ways to take a right and i join MK(Mucis Classic) the reason i'm the curricular of the constutional court because i loved to sing even though the sound i ain't good and i want to study music.