Rabu, 13 April 2016

Going to Museum of Geology

On Thursday the 26th January 2016 with a friend of mine, and of taking geography lesson. At the time of sir menon asking us to go to a museum of geology and we also, and the menon also given the task force to study objects that are in the museum of geology.

Then we had been delivered by a car SMAN3 but the car is not anough to accommodate 27 students good thing there are some of us carrying a motorcycle.
After arriving at the museum we also be given tickets bt yhe menon, then we also in a row to get into the museum geology but a bag that we use are not allowed to be brought into the room would not want to we also keep the bag at day care items.

First we went in deep, ain't much of the way we came into the room to two if the room about dinosaur fossils, after the room 2 we moved to the second floor, in the second floor to explain about natural disasters like tsunami.
And that where we'ar trying to simolator the earthquake.
After that, we take pictures, after we finished we went back to SMAN3 because we have to LM German.